What are your 2014 Goals?

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2014 Goals

 Forest Crest Athletic Club

With the New Year many people set New Year’s resolutions.  The only problem with New Year resolutions is typically they last 2 – 3 weeks and then they are forgotten.  Goal setting and charting creates a little more accountability to what you are trying to accomplish.  What would you like to accomplish in 2014?  There are two important factors in setting goals.  The first is to set measurable goals, a goal of a better forehand is very hard to measure however a goal of making 8 out of 10 forehands creates the opportunity to succeed.  The second is to make sure the goals are tough to reach but possible to obtain.  If the goal is too easy to reach the reward is small at the same time if the goal is too difficult then it can be demoralizing.


2014 Goals for Forest Crest Athletic Club

1. Forest Crest Membership at 136

A modest incline of averaging 2 new memberships a month while retaining all current members.  I believe this goal will be obtainable with hard work and continued efforts creating fun events for all members to enjoy.


2. To host 2 USTA sanctioned tournaments

Creating a new competitive option for Forest Crest members and USTA members is a little challenging with our court availability.  I believe this goal is obtainable by open communication with the USTA and careful calendar planning


3. To develop a match recording service

This goal will take much more research and planning to ensure a quality product.  By offering coached tactical training while watching actual point play members will have a great opportunity to fully understand shot selection, positioning, offense, and defense.


We have recently created a 501 3c nonprofit business Forest Crest Tennis Academy.  The vision of Forest Crest Tennis Academy is to provide quality tennis instruction, current nutritional information, and a positive learning environment for the residence of Mountlake Terrace and surrounding areas.  Our focus is to locally combat the national epidemics of childhood obesity and senior citizen inactivity while promoting the sense of community.   These opportunities are available to all, regardless of physical, mental, or financial limitations.


2014 Goals for Forest Crest Tennis Academy

1. To raise 2000 pounds of canned food through “Ace Out Hunger”

In 2013 we raised 905 pounds of canned food in 2 events.  This year we plan to host 4 events.  With 2 events under our belt we have a much better understanding how to advertise to tennis players and local citizens. 


2. To create a grass roots wheelchair tennis program

Communication with the USTA wheelchair tennis representatives, physical therapy offices, and neurologist offices to create wide spread knowledge of our programs


3. To create inexpensive ways for people of all ages learn how to play tennis

Communication with the Mountlake Terrace city council, local school districts, and senior centers to provide beginning tennis lessons.

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