2014 Summer Tour Rules

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We are taking this trip to play a lot of tennis and to have fun.  It is important to stay safe while enjoying our activities.  Please initial that you understand all statements.

On Court Behavior

_____ Be kind, courteous, respectful to all tournament staff, directors, officials, players and spectators

_____ If there is an off court problem or confusion Josh Basha or a chaperon will negotiate with the onsite supervisor to find the best possible solution

_____ Absolutely no throwing or slamming of rackets (racket abuse)

_____ No profanity

_____ If you suspect your opponent of poor line calls this is the procedure

1st time – politely say “Are you sure?”

2nd time – politely say “Are you sure?”

3rd time – politely apologize “I’m really sorry but I’m having a hard time seeing the lines” get an official

_____ If you are uncertain if the ball is in or out the call must go in favor of your opponent


Off Court Behavior

_____ No tobacco, alcohol, or drugs

_____ All prescription medication must be declared before the trip, the purpose of the medication and the quantity of the medication

_____ All players must be in their rooms for the night by 10pm unless we are traveling as a team

_____ No players on the balcony after 10pm

_____ No male players in female players hotel rooms, no female players in male players hotel rooms

_____ Players may not leave the hotel, tournament site, or entertainment venue without a chaperon and Josh Basha’s knowledge

_____ Players must attend nightly team dinner, except for serious illness or injury

_____ If a player breaks the rules they may be suspended from the trip based on the severity of their actions and at the discretion of Josh Basha.  If a player is suspended they must call home to explain the circumstances and to arrange for transportation home. No refunds for suspended players.

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