Ace Out Hunger Accomplishments

Oct 5, 2015 by

group picture for onlineAce Out Hunger has now raised 3450 pounds of food equaling 2875 meals!  We greatly appreciate all of the participants attending these events making donations that have helped so many families in need.

So far we have hosted 7 events, 4 in Washington and 3 in Arizona.  We will be hosting our 8th event this year spread out over 4 weeks.  Ace Out Hunger is getting involved with hosting non elimination tournaments!  Our goal is to raise another 550 pounds of food before Thanksgiving, please help us raise 2 tons of food in 2 years!
These events take a lot of coordination from volunteers in several different areas.  We greatly appreciate all of the efforts provided from everybody involved.
Concern 4 Neighbors – collecting and distributing donations
The Basha Tennis Team – for providing much of the event staffing during events
Julie Gaevert & Cascade Volleyball – for being our singles biggest event and first volleyball event
Lance White – for organizing the soccer coaching and providing equipment
Larry Funk & Kiwanis Recreation Center – for providing a facility to host our Arizona events
Seaun Richards & Cheeseburger Babies Foundation – for donating prizes and providing advertising support
Preston – for providing the first event with chess instruction and game play
Mike Price – for providing our best event pictures
Jeffrey, Hannah, and Paul – for being heavily involved with the inspiration, continued development, and administrative responsibilities for Ace Out Hunger

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