Ashley Basha, new to the Basha Tennis staff

Jun 29, 2013 by

I’m very proud to announce that Ashley Basha is joining the Basha Tennis staff.  As the famous question would go “is she part of the Basha family?” Yes, she is part of the Basha family, not the food Basha’s but the tennis Basha’s.

Ashley’s position with Basha Tennis will be the admin manager.  Once fully integrated onto our team she will be fielding most of the business emails and phone calls, as well as several different tasks behind the scenes to make the training process easier on the coaches.  By Ashley alleviating the paperwork side of the business it will allow all of the coaches to focus the majority of their time where it matters most, helping players develop sound techniques, tactics, and to become well rounded adults.

By mid July (425) 774-0014 will be a company phone number that Ashely will be answering along with the email address.  Here is the remainder of our coaches contact information if you would like to schedule private lessons.

Josh Basha 425-774-0014

John Byron 602-524-2189

Jeff Kirkman 210-445-7576

Marco Navarro 602-558-3493

Thank you,

Josh Basha

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