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If you have any interest in developing your game, tennis lessons are a necessity. It is one thing playing on a court with friends, but you will fall into the trap of using the same shots every time without ever growing as a player. With Basha Tennis Classes, students experience a dramatic improvement in their abilities, because we utilize drills chosen to expose and improve flaws while enhancing existing strengths.

We have an array of 8-week classes that can be taken during the summer. We promise that you’ll have fun and improve your tennis game, but you need to be prepared for the intensity.


Tennis lessons may be just what you need to step your game up!

After all, hard work is needed to get results! Below, we look at some of what Basha Tennis has to offer.

USTA 10 & Under

These lessons are actually for kids aged 4-12 and are designed to encourage children to develop a love of tennis. Instead of rigidly sticking to the usual tennis format, we utilize small tennis rackets for a comfortable fit and the balls used are larger and move slower so they are easier to hit. Nothing is more discouraging for a newcomer to tennis than to have balls whizzing past their head with no chance of hitting them. These are classes for those who have never played the game and we only remove the ‘training wheels’ when the kids are ready.

Basha Tennis Academy

This is an 8-week course designed for those with a serious interest in improving their ability. Attendees are given special attention so every aspect of their game can be analyzed and enhanced. We also create a personalized tournament schedule and even provide a coach at designated events! Join the Academy and benefit from a 24/7 emergency racket stringing service, which means you’ll never be left panicking at your event. Finally, we hold biannual meetings with players, parents, and coaches to discuss a player’s goals.

High School Classes

Whether you are in Varsity or Junior Varsity, the 8-week course we offer is perfect for helping you fulfill your potential. In a relatively short space of time, we help you improve your game so you can give your Varsity team the winning edge. If you really want to see if you have what it takes to go to a higher level, try our High School classes out for size!

Adult Classes

Do you feel as if you have a reasonable level of ability but fall just short of competing in sectional or regional events? We offer 8 weeks of training lessons that include group sessions designed to improve your technique, tactics, and shot selection. If you want to play at a high level, you need to learn advanced methods and we can uncover chinks in your armor that would otherwise prevent you from attaining your goal. With our classes, you can add the extra 10% needed to compete in high level tournaments.

At Basha Tennis, we have lessons and personalized plans for all skill levels and age groups so contact us now for more information.

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