Can Playing Tennis Be Beneficial to Other Sports?

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The short answer is yes. Tennis creates well-rounded athletes who can use the skills they’ve gained through tennis, for other sports.


Serve and overhead:

            Every tennis match begins with a serve. If the serve doesn’t go in, and if it doesn’t go in with good technique and skill, the serving player can lose their point. This makes the throw and striking motion to be important skill combinations for the sport. The same motions become just as important when the potential of an overhead hit presents itself in a match. These motions are similar to the throwing motions used in baseball and football, and would prove useful to players of those sports who are looking for something to do off season.


Soft-hand skills:

            Sometimes, tennis requires soft-hand skills at the most intense moments. These involve volleying, and catching drop shots or lobs. These motions require focus and care, like when catching a smaller object without dropping it. With this said, it would be most beneficial for baseball, softball, or football players to play tennis during their off-season to practice these skills.



            Even those who don’t know the rules in tennis know that you hit the ball with a racket.  This striking motion is like that of bouncing the basketball, moving the puck along, or hitting the baseball with a bat. This is because it requires focus and great hand-eye coordination to hit a smaller object with total control.


Running and footwork:

            Tennis players have to keep in mind their footwork while running after the ball, and hitting it. Tennis play emphasizes a lot of short sprints and lateral movement, and conditions the legs to start, stop, and pivot within a split second. These skills would be ideal for soccer, football, and soccer players who have to move quickly in various directions.


Movement rhythm:

            Like many sports, tennis has a rhythm, and the rhythm changes in sports like it does in music, but with different hitting techniques. This keeps the players on their toes as they have to time when they meet the ball for the best hitting result. The same applies to soccer, football, softball, baseball, and other racket games. Playing tennis would be ideal for practicing this skill during off-season.


Anaerobic exercise:

            Competitive and moderate tennis anaerobic activity compares favorably to all other sports. This builds stamina and strength, and would be ideal for athletes who play sports like soccer and football that requires both.


Aerobic exercise:

            Tennis has higher aerobic exercise compared to baseball and golf, and would be good for those players who are looking for increase in aerobic activity.



            In tennis, having perfect balance when hitting equals powerful hits. This sense of balance can transfer to sports that require this skill such as skiing or yoga.


Team Building:

Many junior classes (such as those with Basha Tennis) are organized in group learning environments, which then encourage a team atmosphere within an individual sport.

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