Challenge Match Standings 5-20-15

May 20, 2015 by

Evergreen Tournament 2014 (52)

To request a match email

Challenge Matches consist of 2 out of 3 no ad sets.

10 point tiebreak in lieu of 3rd set.

Players receive 2 points for every match played and 3 points for every set won.

Players competing in USTA tournaments receive the same amount of points.

Top 8 players are invited to the Tournament of Champions June 12 – 14!

Players can schedule weekend to weekend.

Matches are for juniors and adults, members and non members.

All Challenge Matches are played at Forest Crest.

Please submit all match requests by Friday at noon.

Match costs, $10 Members, $15, Non Members.


Anna B 36
Chris C 34
Matt C 29
Jan L 26
David A 20
Christopher K 18
Aaron L 16
Jake G 15
Hugh G 14
Bretta P 14
John B 12
Jack S 12
Kyle M 12
Jay C 10
Sean M 10
Isabel R 9
Daniel W 8
Andrea J 8
Mary P 5
Carryn P 5
Max F 5
Wyatt G 5
Ryland C 5
Dominc J 5
Nicholas K 5
Patrick B 5
John M 5
Sofia M 4
Andy R 4
Brandon B 2
Trevor B 2
Franklin Z 2

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