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Woman Playing TennisToday, there are as many different rackets as there are cars, and just like cars, each racket has its own unique quality that makes it special and preferred by different people. With all of the different varieties, however, it may make it difficult for a player to figure out which one they like best.


It is time consuming, but the best way to find a new racket is to try many different rackets from different companies. Fortunately, for those of you who are members at the Forest Crest Athletic Club, Basha Tennis has many rackets in the office for rent. You could rent a different racket every clinic to see what feels best.


The first and easiest preference to make out is the proper grip size. Finding your proper grip size is very important for both the health of your arm muscles and your game play. If the grip is too small, the forearm will overwork itself, but if the grip is too large, the hand or wrist will not be able to move as much. To find the proper grip size, you could walk into the Basha Tennis office where we have a chart matching different colored hand sizes to a racket grip size. You could also just grip the racket yourself, and if there’s about a finger’s width of space between your closed fingers and your thumb on the other side, that’s the grip size you want.


One of the differences between the rackets are stringing patterns. They come in 18 x 20 , 16 x 16, 16 x 19 or 16 x 15.  The first numbers in the pairs are called mains (the vertical strings), and the second numbers are called crosses (the horizontal strings). To figure out the best stringing pattern for you, it is suggested to try out 3 rackets every clinic that are the same weight and head size, but have different stringing patterns.  Hit with each of the three rackets for 20 minutes, taking the time to hit all strokes.


Now that you’ve figured out the stringing pattern you like, the next step would be to find your preferred racket weight. They can vary from 9oz to 12oz. A heavier racket will provide more stability, and will transmit less shock than a lighter racket. A lighter racket, though, will enable the player to move and will allow them to swing faster. Similar to figuring out your favorite stringing pattern, the next time you play, try out rackets of your preferred stringing pattern with the same head size, but with different weights. Again, play with each racket for 20 minutes, trying out all strokes.


Finally, head sizes may also vary from 90 square inches to 145 square inches. Larger head sizes are known to create higher speeds and have larger sweet spots, while smaller rackets offer more control. To figure out your preferred head size, find 3 rackets of the same stringing pattern, and weight of your preference, but of different head sizes. Again, play with each racket for about 20 minutes, trying out each stroke. After this is done, you’ve got one more concern left: the company.


Each company has a different feel to their rackets. Taking the time to figure out your preferred choice would be ideal for your play. The racket is an extension of your arm. If you aren’t comfortable with your racket, you will not be able to play with ease.  The best way to figure out your preferred racket company is to get a demo of your preferred specifications from three different companies, and play with them in the same way you have to figure out the other details.


When you’ve finally found your favorite, try it out in a match! If something still doesn’t feel right, go back to the beginning and try from the start. Frames are expensive, so take your time figuring out what you like—what you’re comfortable with.



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