Competitive Player Development Philosophy

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Competitive Training Philosophy

Quality over Quantity

-Coaches and Players give 100% focus to technique & 100% physical effort, if either declines it is time for a break.  Over exertion creates the opportunity for bad habits and injury.


Goal Setting

-What is your ultimate goal?

-How much time do you have to reach that goal?

-In knowing your goals and time line we can help you set and reach development goals to reach your ultimate goal!



-The best learning experience is by playing

-Junior players 10+ sets a week and 11+ tournaments a year

-Adult players 3+ sets a week and 3+ tournaments a year

-Coaches create tournament schedules and are onsite at tournaments to help players understand what happened and why.


Injury Prevention

-Performing physical therapy exercises before injuries take place create healthier and stronger players that are much less likely to be sidelined by injuries.

-We utilize dynamic warm up and cool down exercises to prepare your body for training and properly cool down your body for recovery.





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