FUNdamental Player Development Philosophy

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FUNdamental Training Philosophy


Guided Discovery Learning

-Coaches provide players with a task to accomplish and only a couple of rules to follow; this develops critical thinking, problem solving, and focus skill sets.

-Coaches utilize training methods with catching, throwing, and kicking to develop the necessary skills to develop feel for placement, consistency, and movement.


Team Building

-Players are often in smaller groups of 2-3 to accomplish team goals.  To be successful it is necessary for players to work together to create a successful outcome.


Goal Setting

-What is your ultimate goal?

-How much time do you have to reach that goal?

-In knowing your goals and time line we can help you set and reach development goals to reach your ultimate goal!


Injury Prevention

-Performing physical therapy exercises before injuries take place create healthier and stronger players that are much less likely to be sidelined by injuries.

-We utilize dynamic warm up and cool down exercises to prepare your body for training and properly cool down your body for recovery.




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