Gamma Solace

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Gamma Solace Strings

The Gamma Solace is a multifilament string with multiple wraps around its two solid cores. The makeup of this string enables it to be softer on the arms, and reduces the amount of harm done to the elbow; it may be preferable to those who are concerned about tennis elbow. Made with TNT2 Technology, the Gamma Solace strings also promise power and control of the tennis ball as you play your game. The TNT2 Technology gives the strings more elasticity and resiliency, which enables the ball to stay on the strings longer, allowing for more control and accuracy at a higher power and speed.

The Gamma Solace comes in two gauges: 16 and 17. Though both gauges offer the same benefits mentioned above, in comparison the 16 gauge will offer more durability and directional control while the 17 gauge will offer more spin and power.

The first 5 customers to have their racket strung with Solace will enjoy the discounted price of $35.


By: Alicia Saiki

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