Importance of Hydrating During Summer Months When Playing Tennis

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As summer quickly approaches and the weather begins to heat up, you’ll probably notice your thirst start increasing more quickly on the tennis court. While it’s best to hydrate while you’re playing all year round, it’s especially important to do so in the summer.

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Tennis & Hydrating Your Body

When playing tennis, especially during the heat of the summer months, it is vital that you properly hydrate your body.

Dehydration can strike at any time of year, but it’s most common in the summer when temperatures are at a high. The running, jumping and swinging motions of tennis likely already have you breaking a sweat, but when you add in the summer heat, you’re at high risk of losing all of the fluids you desperately need to keep your body functioning properly. Dehydration can cause a number of unpleasant side effects, including headache, nausea, vomiting, tiredness, irritability, dizziness and fever, all of which can make it pretty difficult – if not impossible – to be on the top of your game. It’s important that you put back in what you lose in sweat, so you should adequately hydrate before you hit the court, while you’re playing and after you’re done.

Why Drink Water?

While it may be tempting to bust out an energy drink or try out one of those sports drinks marketed toward athletes, these are often full of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and sodium; all of which can further dehydrate you. Opt for plain water while you’re on the court, as you’ll find it hydrates you far better than anything else. Water is also calorie-free, so it will better complement your tennis workout than an energy drink or similar sugary sweet beverage.

Physical Performance

Your body is made of 75% water, and in order to perform at the optimum level, this percentage of water needs to be maintained. Staying hydrated will improve your overall performance. You’ll feel more alert and focused on the court, and you’ll be able to respond quicker to your opponents movements. Hydration also keeps your muscles strong, which will keep your swing in top shape.


Believe it or not, it is possible to over hydrate in the summer, and over-hydration can be almost as bad as dehydration. In rare instances, you can develop water-intoxication, which occurs when you drink too much water too quickly which stops your body from triggering the hormone that causes you to urinate. You might also experience cramping and side pains from drinking too much, which can definitely slow down your swing and bring down your overall performance.

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