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Dear Parents, Players, and Friends,


I have accepted the director of tennis position at Forest Crest Athletic Club in Seattle, WA.  It was a difficult decision to relocate, moving away from all of the families that we have gotten to know so well.  Ultimately the decision came down to the opportunity to spend more time with Natalie, Noel, Zoey, and Owen.  The added bonus will be a change in climate for the children to spend more time near the ocean and in the forest.


It is very important for me to have the integrity to maintain the current level or improve upon the services offered for players in my absence.  I’m excited to share with you how that will happen.


All training sessions will remain the same as well as registration through


The academy will continue to train at Chandler Tennis Center.  I have worked out a plan with Dave Critchley, the founder & head coach of The Players Academy (TPA) to fulfill all of the training and tournament watching. TPA has been a very strong academy for the past 10 years.  While directing TPA Dave was also the head coach for Scottsdale Community College building a nationally recognized program.  Dave is now the director of tennis at Mesa Community College with plans to continue his college coaching success.  Dave’s knowledge of college tennis is unmatched in the valley. With Dave directing the Basha Tennis Academy players will have a direct link to local college tennis, and a strong potential to play for a four year college.  In addition to the college knowledge, TPA regularly has 10+ players entered in the December national tournament, making up more than 50% of the southwest players entering.


The Indoor tennis training will continue offering the current level of service and programming.  Jeffrey and Marco will have the same schedule, and they will continue to receive lesson plans from me.  The only change starting next session is the free make-up day.  The make-up day will be at Chandler Tennis Center on Saturdays.  The Foam, Red, and Orange Ball training will play matches 12 to 1 while the varsity and academy volunteers help the younger players with scoring and rules.  The varsity and academy players will have match play 1 to 3.


I’m also planning for private lesson clients.  Over the next several weeks I will be talking with Basha Tennis, Chandler Tennis Center, and The Players Academy coaches to match players with a coach that can best fit their needs.  Before leaving, I will invite the recommended coach to watch a lesson so the player and new coach can have a chance to meet each other.


The position at Forest Crest Athletic Club (FCAC) is very special and it presents an opportunity for Arizona players.  While it is a membership based facility, non members can participate.  Dave and I are developing an exchange schedule for players in Arizona to have an opportunity to train in Washington during the hot months of June and/or July.  We are also planning the reverse for Washington players to train in Arizona during the cold months of November and/or December.  The past director at FCAC held the position for 30 years.  During his time he regularly volunteered his time overseas to help coach the less fortunate.  It is likely that once established I will have the opportunity to visit Arizona fairly regularly.


My starting date in Seattle will be October 14; the last day coaching in Chandler will be with the academy on September 25.


Coaching in Chandler has been a lot of fun!  I would like to remember that fun by throwing a going away party, a canned food drive tennis social.  Come on out to have some fun on the courts at Chandler Tennis Center, September 22, 6:00 – 7:30pm.  All food donated will be given to Chandler food banks.


Thank you very much,

Josh Basha

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