King of the Mountain Standings 11-11-13

Nov 11, 2013 by

player4The King of the Mountain Standings are updated!  A lot of movement on the board and several results are calculated, great job playing matches!  Players in green have already received their prize.



Award to claim

Upcoming prize

29 Josh B T-shirt Skills & Drills clinic
23 Janie S Overgrip T-shirt
23 Barbara L Overgrip T-shirt
22 Jenny P Overgrip T-shirt
19 Susan G Overgrip T-shirt
17 Jack S Overgrip T-shirt
16 Reed T Overgrip T-shirt
16 Meei-Jane J Overgrip T-shirt
12 Hugh G Overgrip T-shirt
10 Nicholas R Overgrip T-shirt
9 Nishaant L   Overgrip
5 Susan D   Overgrip
4 Angela C   Overgrip
4 Jackson B   Overgrip
4 Simon L   Overgrip
4 Scott E   Overgrip
2 Fin D   Overgrip
2 Vani L   Overgrip
1 Karla T   Overgrip
1 Dominic J   Overgrip
1 Bretta P   Overgrip
1 Tony T   Overgrip
1 Takara   Overgrip
0 Tembi K   Overgrip
0 Cameron H   Overgrip
0 Tina Liu   Overgrip
0 Karen T   Overgrip
0 Nicholas S   Overgrip
0 Ben L   Overgrip
0 Angela L   Overgrip
0 Andrew C   Overgrip
0 Chris S   Overgrip
0 Diane M   Overgrip
0 Suzy O  


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