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31The “let” can sometimes be an interesting or even heat situation on the court.  Here are a couple of different situations I have seen during matches in the past couple of weeks.


Case #1


Situation: Player X is about to hit what he perceives as a guaranteed winning overhead and a ball from a nearby court rolls under the feet of Player Y.  Player Y calls a let and Player X demands the point because he knew the overhead would be a winner.


Rule:  Because the ball was in play the let stands and the point must be replayed.  IF the overhead was already hit and player Y did not have a play on the ball a let could not be called.


Josh’s Thoughts: any time the ball rolls on the court is a good time to call a let.  The call must be quick, it’s in poor form to hit a couple of shots to see what happens before calling a let.  Integrity is also important, if your opponent has already hit a shot that you might not be able to get to a let is not appropriate to call.


Case #2


Situation: In a team match consisting of 3 courts, the server on court 2 misses the first serve.  Between serves a ball from court 3 rolls onto court 2.  The server on court 2 demanded to gain a first serve due to the distraction.


Rule: If a player is in the middle of a serve motion and must stop for a distraction they should receive a first serve.  If the distraction is in between serves and does not take an unreasonable time to correct the server should only receive 1 serve.  In either situation it is up to the returner to call the let.


Josh’s Thoughts: This is an interesting application for the let.  I’ve been in the situation where an opponent afforded a let for a missed serve in the net.  He felt that me walking to the net to move the ball off the court was worthy of a let.  Use your judgment, the best policy is to remain consistent during social and competitive matches.


Case #3


Situation: Play X hits a long serve and the Player Y lets the ball go carelessly into the back tarp without looking back.  After the second serve is in play the first serve ball continues to roll until it is in the middle of the court.  Player Y calls a let.


Rule:  This is not a let because Player Y had the opportunity to correct the issue before the point started.  The point should be awarded to Player X.


Josh’s Thoughts: After a first serve miss the returner and server need to make sure the ball will not interfere with future play.  If the ball is in the court or within 5 feet of the court, pick it up or move it.  If the ball is near the fence make sure the ball has found its resting position before the next serve.     

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