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Things are going very well for us in the Pacific Northwest.  Noel has been in school for a few weeks and she is loving it! She has already gone on a field trip to visit the great pumpkin patch and to learn about gardening.  I was lucky enough to be part of that field trip to chaperon, don’t worry lots of burpies were involved!  Zoey and Owen are doing great as well!  Natalie has put together individual preschool worksheets for them, with plans to start this Monday.  It’s exciting to think we will have 2 kids in school starting next year.


This move has created much more family time opportunities as well as time for playing tennis.  This past week I was able to play 8 sets and had 3 hours of on court training, playing with Jeff Borowiak.  The family time is great, we actually have the time to do family activities each weekend.  Last weekend we went to the Woodland Park Zoo to see the brown bear exhibit along with the article fox and several other cold climate creatures.  The sloth bear exhibit was very entertaining, we watch for more than an hour and nothing happened at all!  In the picture we are taking the Edmonds/Kingston ferry to visit the Olympic Peninsula.  While on the peninsula I had the opportunity to chop firewood (yes that is still fun), plan a garden with the family, and enjoy the quite of wilderness with 3 children and 3 dogs.


At Forest Crest I’m very excited about our forward momentum!  This weekend Jeffrey is coming to town to be part of the Ace Out Hunger event.  We are hoping for 50 – 60 people, modest numbers from the great turn out in Chandler of 90+.  Starting this event we will have a player sign in book to make it easier to track how many people participated.  We are experiencing great results and participation in the king of the mountain challenge!  Players receive 1 point for every set played and 3 points for every set won.  The best part of this program is our friends from Chandler can participate and win prizes as well.  Yes that is a challenge to the players that are currently in or have been in Basha Tennis programs in Chandler.  The junior players here are gearing up for the upcoming December tournaments, we have 4 tournaments on the schedule.  I’ve also started to plan for the summer camps creating the opportunity for John Byron and the academy players to escape the heat for a couple of weeks.  There will be plenty of tennis, tournaments, and enjoying all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.


The weather here hasn’t been too bad, a few rainy days.  The biggest challenge is the daily high in WA is typically lower than the daily low in AZ.  It has been tough missing our family, friends, and the warm sun in AZ but the move has been very good for our family.  January 24 – 26 I will be in the Phoenix area for the Southwest USPTA conference, an Ace Out Hunger event, and to hopefully coach a little. 


See you on the court!


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