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Oct 23, 2013 by

Ehmon Nishaant Nik ChrisIt’s been a fun month meeting new people primarily members at Forest Crest Athletic Club and local high school players.  It’s been a little challenging learning the roads; GPS has ensured arrival at several different locations, not always on time though.


Our session starts next week.  In preparing for the session we have made some changes to the current junior programs, redesigned the lobby, created a King of the Mountain match play program, and created a new logo. 


My goals to accomplish for 2013 at Forest Crest are:


To host 1 social event a month  

We have a tentative schedule established through February


To create an easy to understand training progression for recreation and competitive players based on accomplishing personally set goals. 

This has been established, posted, and will take full effect in January 2014.


To provide 24 hour racket stringing, 20% off for members, 10% off for high school players along with delivery to the school (schools within an 8 mile radius of the club) to ensure the racket is ready for the match. 

This has been established and we have already strung a few rackets!


Coached match play opportunities, playing matches is important, learning from your match is invaluable. 

Our tournament schedule is posted for December and in January we have scheduled coached match play opportunities for players 12 – 18 years old every week.


In reading several member surveys the 2 biggest areas of improvement needed are with the lights and leaking water during heavy rains.  The past 3 weeks Chris has worked very hard in these specific areas and we will continue to improve.


While it has been fun meeting so many new players I drift into thoughts of how all my friends in AZ are doing.  Thank you for coming out to the party in September and your support for the community donating 429 pounds of canned food!  We will be hosting a similar event at Forest Crest November 16.  After both events we will create both of the picture videos with a goal of posting them before Thanksgiving.


See you on the court!


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