Milos Raonic’s opportunity

Jan 25, 2015 by

Milos Raonic

            Before the 1990’s tennis was played at the net and it was a standard to serve and volley. For the last 20 years or so, net play has virtually been killed, the best players today find their success from the baseline and rely on their physical abilities to do the rest.   With slower courts and much stronger tennis rackets, it would seem nearly impossible to achieve such impeccable reaction time. I believe that success from the net is far from impossible and Milos Raonic style of play can prove it. In fact, I trust that he will find triumph in the 2015 Australian Open, and that his style of play is the future of tennis.

            Raonic, at 6’5” and an average service speed of 125mph, is unstoppable with solid approach shot. Although the serve and volley is not exactly his dominant style of play you would expect him to finish the point or move forward within 2-5 shots. Tennis rackets are at the peak of their strength and players are at the peak of their athletic and physical ability. Unlike players in the past 20 years, Raonic does not have to worry about significant technological advancement in tennis equipment and has spent time adapting to the utter power, speed, and placement of his opponents passing shots. With a strong approach shot, the angle of his opponent’s passing shot can be reduced to almost nothing, leaving only the most remarkable shot to win the point. The lob is always a viable option, but when your opponent is 6’5” and in position it would take an extraordinary lob to win the point. Milos Raonic has the ideal style of play for today’s tennis game and I believe that this will bring him much success in the 2015 Australian open and on this year’s tour.

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Hugh Gaevert

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