Basha Tennis Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy for New & Experienced Students

Part of the mission of Basha Tennis’ player development program is the implementation of a comprehensive coaching philosophy. This coaching philosophy was developed by Josh Basha in conjunction with fellow coaches and USTA Player Development guidelines and is based on the many years of collective coaching experience and interaction with tennis students of all ages and skill levels.

Quality Over Quantity

Coaches and players give 100% focus to technique plus 100% physical effort and if either declines, it is time for a break. Over exertion creates the opportunity for bad habits and injury.

Quality Over Quantity
Goal Setting
  • What is your ultimate goal?
  • How much time do you have to reach that goal?

In knowing your goals and time line we can help you set and reach development goals to reach your ultimate goal!

Setting Tennis Goals
  • Junior players 10+ sets a week and 11+ tournaments a year
  • Adult players 3+ sets a week and 3+ tournaments a year

The best learning experience is by action. Coaches create tournament schedules and are onsite at tournaments to help players understand what happened and why.

Setting Tennis Goals
Injury Prevention

Performing physical therapy exercises before injuries take place create healthier and stronger players that are much less likely to be sidelined by injuries.

We utilize dynamic warm-up and cool-down exercises to prepare your body for training and to properly lower your body’s temperature for appropriate muscle and ligament recovery after working out.

Tennis Injury Prevention