Play Tennis for Soccer!

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We know. You’re probably thinking: tennis and soccer? Could we have picked two more different sports to compare, a racket sport and a sport with minimal hand use. There’s actually more similarities between the two activities than you might think.


Tennis requires great footwork to ensure the best possible contact point every shot while your opponent has the goal of ruining your contact point every shot.  In soccer footwork is the sport, being able to use your feet effectively to pass, shoot and dribble. 


Passing a soccer ball is most consistent by using the inside of your foot.  That footwork pattern is the same for inside out shots in tennis.  Passing with the inside of your right foot is the same as the inside out forehand (for right handed players), while passing with the inside of your left foot is the same as the inside out backhand (for right handed players).


Shooting a soccer ball is best using your shoelaces with the toe pointed down and extending your non-dominant leg for power.  The same is true for hitting aggressive groundstrokes.  You move forward to load on the front leg, and then extend your front leg through the stroke for more power.


The constant starts, stops, cuts, and intervals of intense activity with short breaks are found in both sports.  This is possibly the best combination of cross training for players of both sports.


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