Rainier Cup Match 12-5-13

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Forest Crest Athletic ClubToday the Forest Crest Rainier team hosted the Edgebrook Tennis Club.  On paper it was David vs Goliath, Edgebrook holding the #3 ranking in the league while Forest Crest is much lower on the rankings.  Records and results can be discussed but all the matches on the schedule must be played!  I’m very proud of the Forest Crest team taking 2.5 out of 3 points!


On court 1 Beth and Lisa did a great job keeping their reaction volleys low to create opportunities to move forward for closing volleys!


On court 2 Barb and Suzzane did a great job moving, poaching, & surviving long tough rallies to come out ahead!


On court 3 Donna and Gail did a great job moving back to hit defensive overheads from no mans land to retain control of 2 at the net!


The individual teams played very well together creating opportunities and defending Edgebrook players from attacking successfully most times.  There are 2 items that we forgot to take advantage of during match play.

1. When hitting closing volleys it is important to continue picking on the same player.  A few times I saw a change of direction before the 3rd volley that could have won the point if hit to the correct player.

2. With every volley take 2 steps forward to close the net.  Often times players were camped on the service line content to use reaction volleys to stay in the point.  This is a good news better news situation.  The good news is your reaction volleys are becoming consistent enough to hold up under pressure.  The better news is you don’t need to rely on the reaction volleys as long if you move forward to finish off the points.


Individually players performed strongly as well.

Donna – great job with aggressive finishing volleys!

Gail – great job keeping your reaction volleys low!

Barb – great job lobbing and scrambling!

Suzzane – great job poaching and moving along the net!

Lisa – great job picking up tough low volleys!

Beth – great job finishing off points!

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