Sally Ferrin wins!!

Jan 28, 2015 by

Great News ! 
I won my first tourney today (NW Washington Tournament at Central Park) and I’m giving Josh thanks and credit.  I was chipping returns, taking wide balls down the line, hitting slow-n-low, doing the Dot Dance all on auto pilot.  All these months of drilling with Josh has ingrained a mental tactic toolbox in me that helped us inch towards a win when the nerves were high.  Big rewards today thanks to Tuesdays with Josh.
Granted, I had a above caliber partner (Jennifer Shorr, Pro at BI) but even she was frustrated because most of the balls were coming to me at my feet or lobs as our opponents tried to take her out of the equation as much as possible so I had to hold my own.  I’m super dooper grateful to Josh and the way he is developing us.  See you guys in a couple days for TWJ.
Sally Ferrin

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