Sanchez – Casal Academy Conference

May 11, 2013 by

I greatly enjoyed attending the Sanchez – Casal Conference and learn several new little details that will in turn help our players develop. 


1. Our players are not training enough.  The 7-11 year old group at AS-C trains 4 days a week 2 hours a day and competes during the weekends.


2. Competition is necessary to capitalize on growth.  Players need to compete frequently to maximize their training.  Competition can be in the form of friendly matches, practice matches, non sanctioned tournaments, sanctioned tournaments, or in a league.  


3. In Spain there are only Men and Women categories for rankings.  Age does not matter, if a junior player is strong enough to compete with adults they do.  Players generally start out with rankings of 15,000+ and move up as they get older.


4. Specific warm up and cool down dynamic stretching to properly protect players from injury and strains.


We will be making some changes to our training based on our learning experience.


1. Academy training will be offered as twice a week each session (starting in June)

2. Academy players must play 10 sets a week

3. All training sessions will be offered as twice a week each session (starting in August)




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