Simona Halep in Australia

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Simona Halep

Simona Halep has been in the professional tennis scene for many years with her first Grand Slam Tournament in 2009. She broke into the world’s top fifty in 2012 and then the top twenty in 2013. Finally, she reached the top ten in 2014 and currently is ranked as No. 3 in the world. She has rapidly improved throughout the recent years and made it to the finals of the 2014 French Open. It was a close match, but unfortunately she lost to Maria Sharapova in three sets. Even so, I believe that she absolutely has the ability to snatch up first place in the upcoming Australian Open 2015.  

The first thing you’d notice when you see Simona Halep play is that she has amazing precision and accuracy when it comes to placing the ball. She is able to aggressively take control of the point and keep pressure on the opponent. She owes a big part of it to her preparation for the shot. Simona is incredibly fast and gets to the ball efficiently. Not only is she prepared for the shot, but she has a short back swing, therefore minimizing the window for errors due to being off balance and out of position. Without the careful preparation, Simona would be pushed to the defense more often, thus limiting her power and control over the match. This all ties back to her aggressive “baseline basher” playing style. Because she is in balance from her excellent preparation, she has free reign over where she wants to hit, thus taking advantage of her aggressive playing style. She can hit as hard as she wants, where she wants. I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds very hard to counter! All these factors contribute to her ability to control the point and in turn, the match. That’s why I believe that Simona Halep will win the Australian Open 2015. 


By Tina L

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