Six Great Reasons Why Tennis is a Great Sport to Play

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Tennis is a great sport to play

Tennis is a great sport for achieving a full body workout and is enjoyed by boys and girls of all age groups and skill levels.

We admit that at Basha Tennis, we are somewhat biased about the sport we love! However, we genuinely believe that tennis is one of the greatest sports to play and below we look at just 6 reasons why this is the case!

#1 Fitness

Simply put, tennis comprises the ultimate full body workout. Going to the gym and using a cardio machine or long distance jogging simply doesn’t compare to tennis. Unlike those activities, tennis involves constant movement, changes of direction, and fast movements from a standing start. Add in the fact that leg, arm, shoulder, core, and back muscles are all worked and you have the complete package. Unlike traditional forms of exercise, tennis never gets boring and you can play for hours.

#2 Easy To Learn

All you need for tennis is a partner, a racket, tennis balls, and a court; thankfully just about every town and city across the country has multiple courts. You can even play tennis indoors during periods of inclement weather. There are thousands of welcome centers all over the nation and tennis schools such as Basha Tennis, where you can learn the basics in no time. While becoming a professional standard player takes years, becoming a competent player doesn’t take that long at all.

#3 Teamwork

The doubles aspect of tennis and team tournaments are great ways to make new friends and socialize. When playing with a doubles partner or as part of a team, your game will improve as you strive to do your absolute best for your team mate(s). Before and after your matches, you will be part of a group of like-minded peers, opening up the doors for new friendships

#4 Convenient

Although the tennis matches we see between professionals can last for hours, you have no such obligation. When playing with a partner, you can create your own scoreboard or simply play for fun. Tennis is the ideal workout if you only have a short period of time in your schedule, because you can get your racket, play a few games, leave, and know you have had an excellent cardio session.

#5 Mental Strength

Another great thing about tennis is that it gets your mind working as well. You have of course the option to zone out and just hit the ball, but if you are in a friendly match, you’ll need to concentrate on your positioning and strategy if you want to maximize your time on the court. Unlike normal cardio, you can focus, analyze, and relax at the same time as tennis promotes clear thinking.

#6 Suitable for All Age Groups

Unlike others sports, which seem to have an age limit for participation, people of all ages can enjoy tennis. Older players can especially take advantage of a low impact sport that still keeps their body and mind active, while young players can get fit without worrying about high impact collisions.

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, 6 years old or 86 years old, indoors or outdoors, tennis is a sport for everyone and can be enjoyed for life.

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