Stringing Prices at Forest Crest

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GDotLogoredStrings not listed can be purchased however it might not be possible to ensure a 24 hour return.


String Provided – $10 _____


Soft String

For players that have arm pain or do not break strings often


Syn Gut – $20 _____

An all around performance string


D Hexy Fiber – $20 _____

6 sides strings that allows for greater ball bite and comfort while being easy on the arm


D Silk – $30 _____

Extreme comfort while helping generate power


G Live Wire – $30 _____

Softer “cushioned feel” for exceptional power and greater control that is easy on the arm


Durable String

For hard hitters that break strings often.


G Dura Spin – $20 ____

Exceptional spin and control for topspin players


Gamma Poly Z – $20 _____

Excellent polyester string provides a firm, yet responsive string bed for greater control


Head Sonic Pro – $20 ____

Durable poly


Prince Twisted – $20 ____

Unique multi colored poly provides a softer feel and look


Gamma IO – $25 _____

Gauge 16, 17, 18

Exceptional power, access to spin and pinpoint control


Gamma Moto – $25 ____

7 sided string that allows for greater ball bite to help generate massive spin

Yonex poly tour – $25 ____

Greater durability, reduced fatigue and prolonger repulsion


Y Tour Super – $25 ____

Synthetic string with the feel of natural gut


D Black Widow – $25 ____

7 sided string that allows for greater ball bite to help generate massive spin


Gamma RZR Rx – $30 ____

Unique oval shape provides for a more aerodynamic string bed generating greater racket head speed


Y Tour super solid – $30 __

Delivers firm and precise with new composite core structure


Hybrid Strings

Hybrids provide the benefit of durability while softening the string bed with a syn gut cross.


G Poly Z – $20 _____

Head Sonic Pro – $20 _____

Prince Twisted – $20 _____

Gamma IO – $20 _____

Yonex poly tour – $20 _____

Black Widow – $20 _____

Gamma RZR Rx – $25 _____


Over grips - $2

Red____             Blue____

White____         Black____

Orange____      Pink____


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