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Our summer training schedule will be posted on May 1 & registration will be available the same day.  All training session will have a one time offer of 10% off until May 15.

Our training schedule is changing to 8 week sessions starting in June.  This change has been created to accomplish several goals.

-To provide more in depth training every session

-To create a stronger team environment between the players training

-To create less times for parents to register throughout the year.


Training Make up Policy

It is our policy to provide an equal or greater value service for players missing a training session due to weather (weather cancellations are posted on our business facebook page) or a sick coach (parents will receive a phone call if a coach can not attend the training session).


Players in a 30 minute – 1 hour training session will receive 1 coached match play match

Players in a 90 minute – 2.5 hour training session will receive 2 coached match play matches on the same day

To schedule this match please email the Wednesday before the weekend.  Players must schedule the make up match within 2 weekends of the missed training session.


Coached Match Play is offered

Saturday 12 -3P (October – May)

Sunday 6 – 9P (June – September)

One weekend a month coached match play is canceled because the coaches will be traveling with the academy to a USTA sanctioned tournament.  All players are encouraged to join these tournaments in their respective age divisions.

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  1. Katrina Thomas

    I see you have a summer program. I was unable to sign up my 8 year old son during the school year as the practice was at 4 and I work until 4:30. He will be 9 in July so I hope to sign him up for the 5 practice. I see you have a summer program as well on Sundays? Is he eligible or has that practice time been cancelled? Cost? Thank you!

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