Racket Stringing

Mar 17, 2017 by

Same Day Service (on string in stock) We carry more than 90 strings creating +8000 different hybrid options   Stringing Services Discounts Home & Visiting Teams 20% off the day of the match High School Players 20% off during their school season Forest Crest Members 10% off   String Gauge Babolat Addiction 17g Diadem Solstice Power 17g/1.20 Dunlop Black Widow 16/1.31 Dunlop Black Widow 17/1.26 Dunlop Hexy Fibre 16/1.30 Dunlop Hexy Fibre 17/1.22 Dunlop Ice 17/1.25 Dunlop Pearl  17/1.25 Dunlop Pearl  16/1.30 Dunlop Silk 16/1.32 Dunlop Silk 17/1.22 Dunlop Syn Gut (blue) 16/1.30 Dunlop Syn Gut (green) 16/1.32 Dunlop Syn Gut (green) 17g/1.25 Dunlop Syn Gut (pink) 16/1.32 Dunlop Syn Gut (white) 16/1.32 Dunlop Syn Gut (white) 17/1.25 Gamma Advantage Black 15/1.38 Gamma Advantage White 15/1.38 Gamma Challenger Syn Gut 16/1.32 Gamma Challenger Syn...

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Basha Tennis Lessons Overview

Jul 11, 2013 by

If you have any interest in developing your game, tennis lessons are a necessity. It is one thing playing on a court with friends, but you will fall into the trap of using the same shots every time without ever growing as a player. With Basha Tennis Classes, students experience a dramatic improvement in their abilities, because we utilize drills chosen to expose and improve flaws while enhancing existing strengths. We have an array of 8-week classes that can be taken during the summer. We promise that you’ll have fun and improve your tennis game, but you need to be prepared for the intensity. After all, hard work is needed to get results! Below, we look at some of what Basha Tennis has to offer. USTA 10 & Under These lessons are actually for...

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