Prince Products

Jan 23, 2017 by

Rackets         TeXtreme Phantom 100 $199 delivery available early April TeXtreme Tour 95 $199       TeXtreme Tour 100P $199       TeXtreme Tour 100T $189       TeXtreme Warrior 100 $199       TeXtreme Warrior 100T $189       TeXtreme Warrior 107 $139       TeXtreme Warrior 107T $139       TeXtreme Warrior 107L $179       TeXtreme Premier 120 $199       TeXtreme Premier 110 $189 delivery available early April TeXtreme Premier 105 $179                           Shoes         T22 Lite         Men White/Black $99       Men Black/Green $99 delivery available early April Men Black/White/Red $99 delivery available early April Women White/Silver...

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If The Shoes Fit

Mar 14, 2016 by

Tennis involves a lot of footwork, and requires the proper shoes to be able to support it. In fact, finding the right shoes is just as—if not more– important as finding the right racket. Many people jump into the sport with regular running shoes, but there’s a reason there’s a specified category of shoes for tennis. Running shoes have soft, thick heels that are made to support forward running, but that’s it. Tennis involves so much more variety in footwork (such as lateral movement, and quick turns, stops, and starts) that the players need more support in their shoes to prevent injuries and provide them with a more comfortable playing environment. To provide that, tennis shoes are made with heavier, stiffer materials that are durable, but breathable. The soles are also flat to prevent...

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