The Many Facets of Serena Williams

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635783152684254528-829743664_serena-williams-weightSerena Williams is best known for her spectacular performance in the world of tennis—she isn’t currently seated number one for nothing! Her tennis career started when her father introduced her to the sport at the age of four. She and her sister Venus learned from their father who took pointers from information videos until he enrolled them into a more professional setting when they moved to Florida. Soon after, the two quickly made their way up into the world of tennis.


Serena Williams made her pro debut at Quebec City in 1995 before she exploded into the top 100 in 1997 and proceeded to make her way further up each year after; she got into the top 20 1998, then into the top 5 in 1999, and finally took the number one spot in 2002. Things didn’t always stay happy for her though. In 2003, Williams had to get a knee surgery for health reasons, and she found out her half-sister was murdered in Los Angeles. After taking hits to both her physical and emotional health, her game play fell from the top to number 139, and stayed in the same range of ranking until 2009. That year, she found new strength and happiness in her volunteer work in West Africa, and she won both the Australian Open and the Wimbledon for both singles and doubles with her sister. In 2011, she got another health scare, but improved by September of the same year and kept going until she won her first gold medal in women’s singles in 2012. Finally, she reached her greatest success when she won the Wimbledon, the French Open, the Australian Open, and the US Open, all in 2014, which her fans affectionately call the “Serena Slam”. After learning of the highlights in her professional life, it’s no surprise Williams has won a total of 21 Grand Slams, 66 singles championships by the age of 34. What is surprising, is that she has also been pursuing and excelling in her other interests while balancing her tennis career.


When Serena Williams has free time, she spends it exceling in her hobbies. Besides tennis, she also enjoys the world of fashion and acting. She has her own fashion label called Aneres, has been named “Fashion Trendsetter” by Vogue, has an OPI nail polish line called Glam Slam, and has played parts in “Drop Dead Diva”, “The Division”, and even voice acted for “The Simpsons” and “Higgleytown Heroes”. The busy and successful woman also has a big heart, and takes time out of her busy schedule volunteering to better the lives of children in Africa through UNICEF, and Build Africa Schools. So far, she’s helped to immunize many children, distributed free mosquito nets, and built two schools in Uganda and Kenya. Like Novak Djokovic, she also believes people should have access to education, and provides scholarships to students with unmet financial needs in the United States through the Beyond the Boroughs National Scholarship Fund. Furthermore, Serena Williams has used her painful experience in 2003 to grow stronger, and help others. Through the Caliber Foundation, she supports the victims, families, and communities who’ve been devastated by illegal gun violence, and also helps to provide legal representation of poverty-stricken defendants and prisoners who’ve been denied fair treatment in the legal system through the Equal Justice Initiative. Though she has a busy schedule, the number one women’s tennis player finds the time to balance and shine in all of her interests, and continues to inspire awe and admiration in her ever-growing number of fans.



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