Top 3 Ranked Women Tennis Players 2013

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The world of sports has not always been a women’s place. There were time periods when women were not permitted to be involved in sporting events. It was not until 1887 that the Women’s National Singles Championship was first introduced to the world. This marked a changing point in the sport, as women athletes from around the world began to engage in the sport in hopes of making it to the top. Today, female athletes are praised for what they do, and they set an example for women and men all over the world. To date there are three top ranked female tennis players whose training and perseverance have brought them to the top.

These women continue to inspire the world, one match at a time.

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#1 Victoria Azarenka
Victoria Azarenka

#1 Victoria Azarenka

The nickname “Vika” may sound familiar for this female tennis player, as her intense court disposition has made her exceedingly popular. Victoria Azarenka is no stranger to the world, as her matches are characterized by her loud grunting sounds and intense strokes. In 2007 she won the U.S. Open and would go on to win against Maria Sharapova in 2012 in the Australian Open Final. Not only has she nailed down ten career titles since turning professional in 2003 she is also a record setter. The 23 year-old’s aggressive behavior and prestigious talent has led her to be the first Belarusian to rank number three in the standings.

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Victoria Azarenka Video: 2012 Highlight Reel


#2 Serena Williams
Serena Williams

#2 Serena Williams

Four Olympic gold medals, fifteen Grand Slam Singles and thirteen Grand Slam Doubles do not come easy. It comes as no surprise that Serena Williams began her training at only three years old. She was definitely a tennis prodigy in the making as her father schooled her with long training sessions from a young age. The Michigan native turned professional in 1995 and made her way up the rankings in the following years. After going through a number of rough patches during 2009 through 2011, she ended up landing her fifth singles title at the Wimbledon match verses Agnieszka Radwanska in 2012. In addition, she won two of her gold metals at the summer Olympic games singles and doubles matches. At age 31 she has been in the game for 28 years and her talent and accomplishments certainly reinforce this.

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Serena Williams Video: Williams vs Stosur Miami 2012


#3 Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova

#3 Maria Sharapova

As Maria Sharapova began training in Florida at age seven at a tennis academy, she was not yet aware that she would grow to become one of the world’s most popular and highly paid female athletes. Born in Siberia, Russia, Sharapova is the holder of 25 titles, beginning her winning streak at age seventeen at the Wimbledon final. Eventually she went on to win her third Australian Open title in 2008, and from here she beat Victoria Azarenka in April of 2012 and grasped her twenty-fifth title.

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Maria Sharapova Video: Sharapova vs Kvitova Australian Open 2012


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