USTA 35’s National Championships – Final thoughts

Apr 24, 2016 by

DSCN2206Yesterday I finally got a couple of matches in!  For those that haven’t seen the box scores first match 2-6, 6-7, second match 5-7, 0-6.  Thank you very much for coming out to watch the matches Russ, Maddie, Mr. Howes, Rusty, Paul, John, and Paul!  

It was a deceptively windy day which was great for keeping the “feels like” temperature comfortable.  Coming from playing almost exclusively indoor tennis one would think that playing in the wind would be a disadvantage.  Interestingly enough the wind was the great equalizer, playing outside again was a challenge for me.  The wind made it a challenge for everyone.

In the second set of the first match I had a couple of opportunities to break at 4-4.  Just a slight hesitation and the opportunity vanished.  All in all I played 2 great sets of tennis this tournament, unfortunately those 2 sets were not in the same match.  At the same time both matches were winnable, I can compete at this type of venue! 

Well there are a whole lot of dirty words to be thought about right now.  Footwork, fitness, consistency, flexibility, and focus; those are the training needs at this point. 

Today I’m sore, cramping, and sun burnt everywhere, 2 gallons of fluids a day was not enough to properly survive the strength of the sun.  The rest of the trip will be on holiday and then training will resume for the next tournament at the end of May in Renton.

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