Why Tennis is a Full Body Workout

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Tennis is a fun and effective full-body workout.

Tennis is the ultimate full body workout and ensures you are physically tested from head to toe. One of the reasons why tennis can help keep you slim down is because it helps you burn at least 700 calories an hour. Unlike regular cardio, tennis does not get boring and you can play for hours at a stretch.
While other sports place you under tremendous strain, all you need to do is find a playing partner at your skill and fitness level and take your time.

We guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself so much you won’t even realize it is exercise! Below, we take a look at the different parts of your body that all get worked by the game of tennis.

Heart/Weight Loss

Few people enjoy steady state cardio and get extremely bored by having to run or walk fast on a treadmill for long periods of time. You have probably heard of interval training and understand that the stop/start nature of this cardio helps boost your metabolism and burn calories when you are resting. Tennis is the most fun form of interval training, as you rest in between short rallies; where you exert yourself. You’ll enjoy yourself too much to feel tired and your heart gets a much needed workout.


We tend to neglect our legs given our propensity to drive everywhere. People with sedentary jobs are especially guilty of allowing their leg muscles to atrophy but tennis can rectify this problem. Every part of your legs get a workout; your calves, glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings are all called upon as you are forced to sprint to cover ground and must regularly change direction in a split second.


The vast majority of people would love to have visible abs and while you’ll need a great diet to go along with your exercise to achieve this, tennis can help strengthen your midsection. When you hit the ball, your core does all the hard work and needs to be strong to get power into your shots. You won’t need endless sets of crunches and other abdominal work when you play tennis regularly.


What do you think will happen to your arms after swinging a racket for a couple of hours? You may experience some soreness the first time you play tennis for any length of time but your arms will soon adjust. You’ll find that your biceps, triceps, forearms, and shoulders will all be strengthened and toned by playing tennis. If you don’t believe us, take a close look at Rafael Nadal’s arms!


Tennis sharpens the mind as much as it strengthens the body. You can’t just rely on your reflexes to win points, your mind is also working overtime to figure out what your opponent is doing next and how to counteract their moves. When you’re busy conjuring up a winning strategy, you won’t have time to be stressed about other things, so while tennis keeps the mind active, it also provides relief from the grind of everyday life.

If you need a full body workout, love fresh air, and can’t stand gyms, tennis is the type of training that can keep you fit, healthy, and motivated.

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