Pro Tennis Spotlight: Venus and Serena Williams

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Serena & Venus Williams

Serena & Venus Williams

Most Americans remember when Venus and Serena Williams took the Olympic spotlight at the summer 2012 games. But where are they now? Unless you follow tennis news closely, you may not have heard their names since, but that is about to change. The Williams sisters’ father, Richard Williams, has a book scheduled for release on May 6, and there has been recent news about the documentary “Serena and Venus” regarding a legal dispute.

In the Media

The book by the tennis stars’ father unveils the circumstances that bred the success of Serena and Venus. He came from humble beginnings and worked for every penny he had. His father abandoned him at a young age, and thus he promised to never do that to his family. His dedication to his daughters is highly admirable and has helped them get where they are today. This would be a great read for the parents of young tennis players, because it exhibits a recipe that has created champions. The love and support of parents is of utmost importance to the success of young athletes.

Because of their father, his dedication, and their passion for the sport, Venus and Serena have become tennis legends. Despite a legal dispute regarding some footage from the U.S. Open, the movie chronicling the lives of these incredible women continues to be enjoyed by tennis fans. Keep your eyes open for this documentary; it is incredibly inspiring for tennis players of all ages. Fortunately, fans will continue to be able to watch the documentary in its complete form, as the dispute has been settled, and both parties have come to an agreement.

Champions Through and Through

Serena and Venus, ages 32 and 33 respectively, continue to dominate the women’s tennis world. They have both had the honor of being ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association as the world’s Number 1 player. Each holds four Olympic gold medals, one each in singles and three in doubles. The two play in singles against each other and are considered to be rivals. Serena, the younger sister, is currently ranked ahead of Venus. The two sisters have always managed to keep their professional rivalry separate from their personal lives and remain close.

Although they may not currently be in the tennis spotlight, these two incredible athletes are ones that tennis players everywhere can look up to. They are a great example of how people can work together and be competitive at the same time. Keeping your head in the game and focusing on the goal at hand is of critical importance. Look out for the book “Black and White: The Way I See Itto learn more about the tennis stars’ father and how he concocted the recipe for their success. If you get the chance, check out “Serena and Venus” as well. These stars will surely continue to be icons of the tennis world.

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