Our club loves fun tennis matches and often travels across the country to compete in them! If you love to play tennis but are unsure of certain court rules, or love to compete but don’t play tennis very often, read the following to get a better understanding of tennis’ unwritten regulations and etiquette when it comes to competing.

Follow these hints, and you’ll blend in perfectly with local clubs and leagues that cater to junior and adult players.

Brown Clay Tennis Court with White Lines Picture Taken Overhead

On the Court

Line calling

When you see the ball go out on your side, it’s up to you to say so, and the other player has to agree with what you saw.

When in doubt, say the ball was inside the line.

You can question your opponent’s decision. If they doubt it, you win the point!

There’s a ball on court

If balls come to your side, it’s up to you to hit them back, especially when it’s your turn.

When your ball goes into another game, kindly wait for the right moment in both games to get it back.

Playing a let

When a game gets paused for any reason, the best and fairest move is to play a let. This means anyone can suggest it, leading to redoing that point again.

Keeping score

The server should say the score out loud before serving the next ball, which is a simple task.

When someone doesn’t see eye to eye with you on the score, try retracing your steps. If agreeing is tough, just return to the last point where both of you nodded in agreement.

Letting off steam

Tennis is an exciting game full of energy, and it’s natural for players to get loud. Everyone knows that being quiet isn’t part of the sport because feelings run high. However, yelling or using bad words, even at your tennis racquet, might distract the other player. Try to stay calm and not shout too much.

Back of Fans Spectating a Tennis Match

Off the Court


If you want friends or family to see your game, just check with the other player first to make sure they’re cool with it.

Fans should cheer from outside the court and not help with calling the lines.

Courts and cancellations

When you need to cancel a court booking, it’s up to you to pay the fee. How courts are booked can be different each time.

If you’ve reserved a court but can’t make it, please tell the venue even if there’s no fee.

Courts open for everyone, no need to book in advance.

Stay in line and don’t have others save your spot for you.

Stand by the courts.

Avoid interrupting players during their game by asking when they’ll be done. Instead, you can kindly ask for the score when there’s a break in play.

When many people are waiting, try to keep your warm-up short or do it away from the court.

Don’t judge others for their actions.

Respect everyone’s unique traditions.

Two Tennis Player Girlfriends Holding Racquets Over their Shoulders

Safety First

Concerns about the conduct or behavior of a player

Local leagues need to be really strict about bad behavior. If you’re ever feeling unsafe, it’s important to call the police right away. Got a problem with safety or someone not being treated right? You can talk directly to the place where it happened. And remember, if something is bothering you, always reach out to your coach for help.

Tell family and friends about your trip/plans

Let someone you trust know your plans, like where and when you’ll be hanging out. Keep your phone charged and close by for safety!

If you feel uncomfortable, leave

If something feels wrong or you’re not feeling safe, it’s alright to stop the game early and reach out for help. Trust your gut feelings!

Be in control of your transportation

We hope you feel in charge of your travel plans to and from the game, giving you freedom to leave at any time. If driving is your choice, having a plan B like using a ride-share app or arranging for a friend’s pickup can be really smart.

10 Fun FAQs About Tennis Rules:

Check out these 10 cool FAQs all about tennis rules! If you’re bored we have 101 tennis facts and stats you can check out too!

Can the ball bounce more than once?

In tennis, you gotta hit the ball back before it bounces twice on your side. If not, boom! The other player scores a point.

Is touching the net allowed?

If you or your racket hits the net while playing, that’s a major oopsie. The other person scores the point then.

What if the ball hits a player?

If the ball smacks you, your clothes, or what you’re holding (not counting the racket), by accident or not, your opponent scores.

Can you hit the ball before it crosses over the net?

So, you’ve gotta let the ball fly over to your side before smacking it back. But hey, if that tricky spin is pulling it back over after crossing? Then go ahead and reach across to hit it—totally cool in that case.

What’s a ‘let’ in tennis?

So, if a serve grazes the net but still pops into the right spot, it’s called a ‘let.’ No harm done—it’s not counted as a mistake or score. The server just goes again.

What happens if the ball hits the line?

In tennis, when the ball touches a line, it counts as in because those lines are included in the play area.

Are players allowed to serve anywhere?

In tennis, you gotta serve the ball from behind that back line without stepping on it or crossing over before smacking the ball.

What is a ‘fault’?

So, if you’re serving in tennis and mess up by not hitting the ball into the right box or stepping on a line you shouldn’t, that’s called a fault. Do it twice back-to-back? That’s a double fault, and boom – your opponent scores.

Can you lose a point without the ball being hit?

Absolutely! If you’re loud or cause a ruckus, messing with the other player’s game, you could lose points. Bad sportsmanship? That might even cost you the whole match.

What is ‘Advantage’ scoring?

So, you’re watching a game and the score hits 40-40, right? That’s what they call deuce. Now from there, to snag the win, someone has to score two points in a row. If they grab one point first off, it’s known as having the advantage. But if that player then drops the next point? Bam! We’re back at deuce again.

Have More Tennis Etiquette Questions? Reach Out!

Tennis rules make the game both fair and thrilling. They add strategy and skill, which is why so many folks globally love watching and playing it. Basha Tennis has highly-experienced tennis players on staff and are available to answer any all tennis-related questions you have! Reach out today for some friendly advice.