Today we take a look at an instructional video from Josh Bash with Basha Tennis. The goal of the video is to simplify the serve for players by breaking it down into five simple steps, so that you can start practicing on your own and winning more matches.

Step One: Bounce

The first thing you need to do is bounce the ball a few times to get yourself into a rhythm. So bounce the ball three, four, or five times, depending on what your lucky number is.

Step Two: Set & Visualize

Now we should place the racket on our wrist and imagine the ball going into the box, where we want it to go.

Step Three: Rock

To rock back is the third phase in the process. Following the completion of our rock, we are going to lower our hands.

Step Four: Drop & Lift

The dropping and lifting of the arms is the fourth step. The server should practice descending together and raising together – drop together and lift together, drop together and lift together.

Step Five: Fire!

The fifth and last step is to fire your shot, which involves making contact with the ball while going through the motions.

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You, too, can create a consistent serve by following these five steps, and then use it to compete in matches with your friends, family, or even in local league matches.

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