Are you an avid tennis fan who’s been paying close attention to the career of Novak Djokovic? If so, you may be interested in getting to know a few fun facts about the man many consider to be the greatest of all time. Here are some fun Djokovic statistics for your reading pleasure!

#1 – Net Worth in Excess of $250 Million

Djokovic has earned an estimated $250 million throughout his professional tennis career to-date. His winnings that came directly from tennis topped $165 million as a result of his 2023 French Open win.1

#2 – Born in Serbia May 22, 1987

Born in May of 1987, in Belgrade, Serbia (then Yugoslavia), he is a Serbian tennis player who ranks among the finest male players ever. At the date of this publication, he is currently the top ranked Men’s Tennis ATP player for 2024.2

#3 – 24 Grand Slam Singles Titles

His 24 Grand Slam singles trophies, which includes an unmatched 10 Australian Open wins, is a world record in the men’s division. Djokovic is thought to be one of the sport’s top serve returners and he is also noted for his backhand, not to mention his physical stamina.2

#4 – Began Playing Tennis at the Age of Four

Djokovic began playing tennis when he was four and swiftly climbed the junior levels. Even though it was tough growing up in war-torn Serbia during the 1990s, he became Europe’s best 14-and-under player and then the top 16-and-under player on the Continent before going pro in 2003.2

#5 – Entered the Top 100 ATP Player Rankings at 18

Djokovic joined the top 100 of the Association of Tennis Experts (ATP) when he was 18, and in July 2006 he won his first ATP contest. After moving to the semifinals at both the French Open and Wimbledon in 2007, he got to the finals of that year’s U.S. Open but lost all sets to Roger Federer.2

#6 – In 2008, He Won His First Grand Slam Title

Djokovic’s amazing game went on in 2008 when he got his first Grand Slam match, the Australian Open. He became the first Serbian man to win one of tennis’s four top singles titles. Later that year, he won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.2

#7 – Lead Serbian Team to it’s First Davic Cup Win

In December 2010, he guided the Serbian Davis Cup team to their first Davis Cup trophy. His wins in the Davis Cup started a 43-match winning run – the third longest such streak since 1968.2

#8 – Won 43 Matches in a Row, the 3rd Best Winning Streak To-Date

In 2010, Djokovic won 43 tennis matches consecutively, which was the third longest streak since 1968. He even won the Australian Open again in January 2011. His amazing run ended when he lost to Federer at the French Open semifinals. But he still played exceptionally well and became number one in the world after beating Rafael Nadal to win Wimbledon in 2011.2

#9 – Rafael Nadal is Arguably His Biggest Rival with 59 Contests

Djokovic and Rafael Nadal competition is the most famous in men’s tennis in the Open Era. They have played against each other 59 times, even in all four big finals, with Djokovic winning 30–29 overall. Djokovic wins on hard courts 20–7 while Nadal wins on clay 20–8, and they are even on grass 2–2.3

#10 – Faced Roger Federer 50 Times

Djokovic and Roger Federer competition is thought to be one of the best battles in tennis history. They played against each other 50 times, with Djokovic winning 27–23, including 13–6 in championship matches (not counting a 2014 match that Djokovic won without playing). Djokovic is ahead on hard courts 20–18 and also leads on grass courts 3–1, while they are tied 4–4 on clay courts.3

#11 – Record 10 Australian Open Titles

Djokovic has claimed a best-ever 24 Grand Slam men’s singles crowns, including ten top Australian Open wins. Altogether, he has bagged 98 singles prizes, with a remarkable 71 Big Titles: 24 majors, a standout 40 Masters, and an unmatched seven ATP Finals.4

#12 – Only Player in Men’s Tennis History to be Reigning Champ of All Four Majors

Djokovic is the only man in tennis history to hold the title of champion for all four major tournaments at once on three different types of courts. In singles, he is the only man to win a triple Career Grand Slam and the only player to finish a career Golden Masters, doing this twice.3

#13 – Known as One of the ‘Big Three’

By 2010, Djokovic had started to set himself apart from the others and, because of this, the group of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic was called the “Big Three” by fans and commentators.3

#14 – In 2011, He Became No. One for the First Time in His Career

In 2011, Djokovic climbed to No. 1 for the first time, winning three big tournaments and a record five Masters titles while going 10-1 against Nadal and Federer. He stayed the best player in men’s tennis for the rest of the decade.3

#15 – Set the Season Record in 2011 with 15 Consecutive Finals

In 2015, Djokovic had his best season ever. He got to a record 15 finals in a row and won a record 10 Big Titles. He also had 31 wins over the top-10 players that year.3

#16 – Set ATP Points Record for a Single Season at 16,950

His strong winning streak went on to the 2016 French Open, where he won his first Career Grand Slam and a non-calendar year Grand Slam. He became the first man since Rod Laver in 1969 to hold all four major titles at once and set a new points record of 16,950.3