Tennis Racket Stringing in Mountlake Terrace

We offer comprehensive tennis racket stringing and grip replacement services as well as a full tennis Pro Shop. Choose from the following tennis racket string maker brands when scheduling your restringing. Costs vary depending on your selected string ranging from $25 – $50 before tax, labor is included.  If you provide your own strings labor is $26 before tax. We also offer 24-Hour Stringing Service for an additional $10 fee.

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String Brands We Carry

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Racket Restringing & String Repair Service

As soon as your racket is strung, tension loss slowly starts creating looser strings. The stringing staff at Basha Tennis is qualified to provide custom restringing on your racket to ensure your racket feels the best possible.

Your game will stay in top shape if you restring your racket regularly, especially if you notice it’s losing its “bite.”

Typically, 12 to 15 hours of playing will create noticeable tension loss.

When the tension in your strings decreases, your strings may feel dead (poly strings) or stretch more upon impact (multifilament strings). This results in a lack of control and erratic play.

To insure hitting with the spin and pace you want, you must have a proper grip on your racket. An old or slippery grip can cause mishits creating difficulty controlling the ball.

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“Tennis is mostly mental. You win or lose the match before you even go out there.”

– Venus Williams