A walkover in tennis is a term that describes a player winning a match without actively having to play the game due to their opponent’s inability to take the court at the predetermined time. This mainly refers to an injured opponent or any other reason that might have prevented them from being part of the game. In some instances, the player is disqualified for misconduct, and the remaining player is eventually awarded a walkover.

What Happens If a Match Results in a Walkover in Tennis?

In case a tennis match results in a walkover, the player who has won is usually credited with a win and moves on to the next stage of the competition. The player who did not appear on the court is usually not given any points or ranking points in the match.

Does a Walkover Count as a Loss in Tennis?

A walkover result in tennis does not count as a loss for the player who is declared the victor, and he is considered to have won the game. On the flipside, a player who did not appear to play on the court is considered to have suffered a loss, as per the rules of the match. This is because the player who is given the walkover is considered to have won the match, but they have not played.

How Does a Walkover and Retire Differ in Tennis?

A walkover in tennis refers to one of the players winning and getting the nod without actually playing in the game, considering that his opponent did not get the opportunity to serve on the court. This might have been because of an injury or another thing that could prevent him from being part of the game. On the other hand, a player may also retire from a tennis match for different circumstances, whether it is an injury or other reasons. The victor in this case is the last tennis player in the court.

Why is it Called a Walkover, Where Did the Tennis Term Originate?

It was during the mid-nineteenth century when the term “walkover” was believed to have originated in horse racing, which was a vogue sporting event at that time. A ‘walkover’ in horse racing is a situation where a horse is the only entrant in the race and was, therefore, declared the winner without needing to actually run the race.

The origin of the term “walkover” is related to horse racing where one emerges as the only entrant in the race hence ends up not having the race run yet they still get declared as the winner. The term was later adapted to tennis but used to describe a situation where one player is declared a winner without having to go through with the game because of their opponent not appearing on the court.

How Long Does a Tennis Walkover Last?

A tennis walkover last for the entire time that was allocated to the match. However, the player awarded the walkover does not play the game hence the time actually spent in the walkover is much shorter than the allocated time for the match. In some instances, the walkover may be given before even the start of the game, hence for a shorter duration.

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